Friday, 5 July 2013

cats, cobras, coyotes and cockroaches

I really like the black and coral colour combination
Yesterday as we were in the car on the way to school, Pickle-Lily commented that I hadn't done an alphabet blog post for a long while and what was I going to do next? We decide that 'c' was the next letter and as she was going to Bristol Zoo that day with school, she would look for animals beginning with 'c'. So we thought of a few to begin with, and came up with cats, cobras, coyotes and cockroaches! Not your usual sort of list! (On the way home we thought of loads more, but decided to keep to the original list!)
For cats, I thought I'd share the newest cat key ring I'm making. I still like my old design, but it wasn't really practical as a key ring as the tail got bent, it still works well as applique design.
Cobras are harder, so I googled 'felt cobra', then 'knitted cobra' and finally 'felt snake'. What it came up with surprised me - but in a good way!

This is a button snake, made from a long piece of ribbon, with buttons at either end. You then thread the button through the felt shapes to develop fine motor skills. There is a great tutorial here. I will have to put this idea on the summer holiday to do list, but I can think of lots of children who would enjoy playing with one of these.
Coyotes I think I will have to think about and return to!
Cockroaches - see my post here !


Lindsay Conner said...

Thanks for sharing our tutorial from Craft Buds! :)

forgetmenots blue said...

Aw your felt kitty is so cute :)