Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Wild Place

Can I reach this...
For many, many years we had a family membership to Bristol Zoo Gardens , which is a super place for families and younger children to visit. In fact we've managed to continue visiting it as a student and as a teacher,  we decided to let our membership lapse as Master Pickle is now 15 and far too much a teenager for these places. On Monday the first section of the Wild Place opened, this is an off shoot from the zoo, aiming to be a huge wildlife park eventually, and today Pickle-Lily and I visited it. It's not terribly huge at the moment, but we had a lovely morning wandering around.

It is a few minutes from the M5 and a huge shopping mall but we felt like we were in the middle of the countryside.
We met the zebras and walked through a fabulous lemur enclosure with some extremely cute babies.

Are you looking at me?

We also took off our socks and shoes and trod the barefoot trail - it included stones, slates, hay, sand, mud (very cool) and crushed grass.
Such fun!

As I've already said the Wild Place isn't terribly big at the moment, but we spent a couple of happy hours there. P is already talking about going back when more is added and it seems to be the next stage from the zoo itself. It could do with better signage, so look it up first if you're planning to head that way and it isn't particularly buggy / wheelchair friendly as the paths are compacted hard core. All the staff we met were very friendly and helpful and were asking us for feedback and Pickle-Lily loved the very reasonable archery.
 P.S. After I wrote the original post P said to me, before she went to bed, that it was an amazing day and how do I go better for the rest of the summer? Better get my thinking hat on!


Gertie said...

Looks like you had great couple of hours.
Given the glorious weather I'm sure the barefoot trail would have been very popular xx