Sunday, 10 January 2016

I had a problem!

I'm hooked on sock knitting!
Just like many crafty people I tend to have several projects on the go - well slightly more than several if I'm honest! At the moment I am knitting Pickle-Lily a scarf and it is perched on the dashboard of my car, for when I have a few minutes of waiting, so I can to do some more to it, but it is not secure there and can fall off! What I needed was a project bag to keep it all safe and clean, not a big knitting bag, just something for this project.
So ... ta-dah!
Project bag with a pocket purse
 It's a tote style bag with proper handles so I can carry it with me, just the right size for a ball of yarn and some needles. I can attach a notions / pocket purse to it for the needle and scrap yarn for the life line to live in (or anything else!). There's a snap closure to stop my knitting from falling out if I need to close the bag.
With a snap to keep it safe.

But as you can see, it's not made to the car for P's scarf, it was perfect my sock knitting, so I'll have to make another one or more!
Already in use!
I've got some lovely fabrics to use, so look out for them in my Folksy shop or on Facebook as I always get carried away! They can also be used for lots of other things - crochet, sewing, packed lunches, books ....
Some bags waiting to be finished
Well to be honest I've got carried away and started some more already!!!

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Gift a ball

Beautifully wrapped

One of my favourite presents this Christmas was my gift a ball from Rosie's Moments. It was a ball of gold and silver mix 4 ply yarn with some sparkle in it, but that wasn't all! As you used the yarn little knitting gifts were revealed.
After much deliberation and perusing of Ravelry I chose the Hitchhiker shawl from Strickmich to knit and starting knitting. The pattern was very easy to follow and made an asymmetrical shawl with a saw tooth edge on one side. The yarn looks beautiful as the gold really catches the light.
Christmas bauble
The exciting part was waiting for the little gifts to reveal themselves - needles, pins, stitch markers, a row counter, a pair of sheep earrings and necklace dangle, buttons and some dpn holders! Oh I forgot the ribbon and the yarn came with a lavender bag and some dpns!
In fact there were 33 items!
Hitchhiker shawl

I just loved it so much and now know what gift to buy a knitter!