Saturday, 26 February 2011

A busy day!

As the title says a busy day today! P and I visited our favourite shop - twice! Material Needs in Burnham-on-Sea is an amazing crafting paradise with very friendly, helpful staff, no wonder they won the 2011 Stitching Retailer of the Year for the UK - have a little look here .
P went to a party this afternoon, and rather than wrap her present she made this - to put the present in.
We stopped at a table-top sale on the way to the party and came away with these ...
Off to cook tea for the men folk - busy watching the rugby and me now.
Hope you're having a good week-end too!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Felt bags

green felt bag
P went to a clay workshop this morning and came back full of enthusiasm and now wants to join the art club there. I grabbed the chance to finish this off, inbetween being a chauffeur. P sews the motif and I make up the bag and lining. Problem is P wants it for herself now!

Monday, 21 February 2011

Our very first post!

This is our very first post as bloggers!
Today we went to Bristol Zoo to see the new meerkat enclosure. It was very cold outside but lovely and warm inside. The meerkats seemed very excited with their new home. We love going to the zoo, in all weathers.
We then went to IKEA and stocked up on supplies and then to Hobbycraft for even more supplies! We are looking forward to our very first craft stall with Bella and the Moo at Spaxton in March. Hopefully we can tell you some more or even post some pictures of our creations soon!