Saturday, 25 April 2015

Mother of Dragons

All my babies!

Recently, I was asked to make twenty different baby dragons, to be used in a dragon hunt for St. George's Day. Our town was having a day to celebrate all things St. George and part of that day was to find twenty dragons in shop windows and solve the puzzle.
To make the dragons I used a super pattern mash up from Jellybums - of a crocodile with spines down it's back and added a pair of felt wings of my own creation.
My favourite colour combination - teal body with orange wings and spikes!

Each dragon was different - different faces and different body, spike and wing colour combinations. I'll be honest it was a labour of love, and on the final day I was up at 5am knitting, knitted during my lunch break and then up to 1am! But they are finished - and you can see a few of them in use on this web page here.
Some of my babies ...

... and some more!