Thursday, 14 February 2013

Folksy Friday - 18

Coming up very soon is my God daughter's 18th birthday - can't believe she's 18 - and I wanted to send a little something to mark the occasion, rather than just a cheque. All my goodies are too young for her, and inspiration hasn't struck me yet! I have to be honest and say there didn't seem to be a great deal of choice and I really wish Folksy had a filter on their search results, as I wasn't looking for a card. But I did find some very lovely things.
So my four for Folksy Friday are . . .
Holly's Closet

An 18 photo frame made from scrabble tiles from Holly's Closet
Panda Paws Design
This cute personalised angel from Panda Paws Design
I really liked this personalised heart sign by Kristi-Krafts, but just didn't have enough time to organise it.
This is what I ordered!
Finally this personalised necklace from Rubys Charms , and this is what I've ordered for her, and I'm now waiting for it to arrive.
Pickle-Lily is out and about this Saturday, at the Albemarle Centre in Taunton, so do come and say hello, if you're around. Have a good week-end!

Sunday, 10 February 2013


It's been another busy week in the Pickle-Lily house - a mix of  school stuff for me, dancing for Pickle-Lily ( four times a week at the moment) , cadets and a birthday for Pickle (teenage son) and work for Mr P-L. It does mean that not much crafting has been happening here, and my fingers are feeling restless. One thing I know I will do this week is visit the other blogs on Handmade Monday. Pickle-Lily and I have a book to look forward to as we won a giveaway on Wendy's blog, as part of 100 Handmade Monday's. Thank-you Wendy!
I have done a lot of mixing today, as the bottomless pit (son) is home all day, so we have fruit tea bread, lemon drizzle and flapjacks filling the tins at the moment.
How long will these last?
Pickle-Lily is busy making nautical bunting
Ironing to be done
and the boys are watching the rugby, so quite a laid back day today.
When I have had a chance to knit, I've started making bunnies again. I use James Brett merino yarn that is just so soft, and this year we have yellow hoodies as well as lilac and green. I've also made some new dolly mixtures in pinks and reds, with heart fabric skirts and a heart on the their top.
dolly mixtures
The final mix was for the winners of the mini giveaway, a heart kit and an Easter egg kit
and the winners are

Twinkle Star for the Easter egg kit

and Ali for the hearts kit.


Sunday, 3 February 2013

the tale of the beastie boys

Beastie boys pencil toppers
Once upon a time, last Friday, Mrs P-L decided to do a post about ants, what a strange lady!As she did the school run she began to think. Now everyone knows that when Mrs P-L decides to think, she'll have an IDEA!
"Run, run," Mr P-L shouted "This is a dangerous thing!"
It usually means that Mr P-L will have to help. Luckily for Mr P-L all he had to do was agree with the strange lady and go to John Lewis on his way home from work.
Mrs P-L thought about all the little boys who have to go to craft fairs with their mums, and might like a little something for themselves.
 "How about an ant pencil topper?" said Mrs P-L.
First she got some felt and cut out circles, big ones and small and arranged them several times. When she was happy she sewed them in place, and it made her smile.
The ant then met some friends - spider and caterpillar and they decided they wanted to join the story as well. So they decided to go on a blog hop and say hello to all the new friends and old at Handmade Monday.
What happens next?
It's up to you!

Friday, 1 February 2013

Four for Folksy Friday and a a a

I've been toying with two ideas lately about doing something different with the blog - one is a crafting alphabet and the other is joining in with Folksy Friday. So today is my first fumbling step into this.
First the crafting alphabet idea. Well. my first thought for a - was ants! As an early years teacher who has taught phonics for many moons, a means 'a .. a ...a ... ants' (coupled with my fingers climbing up my arm). All the teachers and mums out there know what I mean!
Now I had ants on the brain, and I was - to admit it - stuck! I couldn't think of a recipe or a make to do (Actually I've come up with several, after the drive to school!) with ants, so I had a look on Folksy and it came up trumps.
So my Four for Folksy Friday are ...

Textile Mug by Miwary
This cute fabric mug from Miwary
Bean bag by Zoe Est Kids

A beautiful big beanbag from Zoe Est Kids
Backyard Party fabric by Michael Miller from Stitch Me Lane
Fab fabric from Stitch Me Lane
Card from Suzy Taylor
This amazing paper cut design from Suzy Taylor
I'm off now to make some ant related items (good for the beastie lovers out there!). I'll post some pictures when I'm done. As an aside, to all those in the know about Jolly Phonics, I have now got the song 'A a a ants on my arm' going round and round in my head!