Thursday, 27 June 2013

Sand sculptures

Bertie went to visit the library
I know it's been a while, but I've snatched half an hour to blog between mum's taxi runs!
I've been busy making bunnies for the bunny giveaway ( if you would like the pattern - it's free, see here and for the very cute tag, see here )
 As you can see Bertie likes books and Colin went to the beach.
Colin at the beach
I also had a fab day out at the beach with a lovely group of children. We went to visit the sand sculptures at Weston-Super-Mare, and I have to say it was one of the best trips ever!
The weather was brilliant, which helped a great deal, but I can not praise the staff there too much! They were friendly, very helpful, got mucky and couldn't do enough for us! The sculptures were, to be honest a bit hit and miss, some were excellent, some I wasn't too sure who they were. We did a photo hunt looking for the details and then we had a demonstration on how to make your own sculptures using very simple equipment and just sand from the beach (I always thought it was special sand) and water. Then the children, and adults got sculpting. The thing that tells you how good this was, is that usually on trips the first thing they want is their lunch, here we had to make them stop to wash their hands and eat, as they wanted to carry on making their own sculptures!
Jurassic Park


Gertie said...

Sand sculptures never fail to amaze me. They're stunning. All I could do was a lopsided bucket castle.....

Looks like Bertie and Colin had a great time at the library and the beach.

Any news on Angelina and Arthur? xx

Wendy said...

hee hee, one of my real life bunnies is called Colin!