Sunday, 26 January 2014

Forest School Log - Ice Mobiles

Ice mobiles
The week started out  with a frost, so I decided this week's forest school would make use of it. So we made ice mobiles. These are very easy to make and like all the other forest school activities can be easily done at home.
The children donned their wellies and we squelched and sloshed about looking for 'interesting things'. They mostly chose natural objects, leaves, berries, fir cones and daisies! It shows how mild it is to find daisies in January!!!
arrange your findings
These were carefully arranged in ice-cream tubs, but you could also cut down milk containers and use the 'tub' that produces. A large loop of wool (or string) was also laid in the arrangement and then water carefully poured over, just enough to cover the contents. Making sure one end of the loop was well down in the water and the other half is draped out of the tub.
My plan had been to leave them out to freeze, but the weather became milder and the rain started - again. So I put them carefully in the freezer. When they were ready, a quick dip in some warm water to loosen them and then they were hung on a tree to bob in the wind. The children loved them and so did I!
I thought I would add this to Handmade Monday this week, as something different to make!! Why not see what everyone else is up to?


Sunday, 12 January 2014

Penguin post

Happy Handmade Monday!
The good news is that the sea stayed behind the wall last week-end and we slept safely. The weather has made it very soggy and muddy around here, but life has continued it's weekly round of school, dancing, guides and very little crafting for me. I am busy trying to do my tax return ready for the end of the month and any helpful advice would be very much appreciated!
I have redesigned the penguin key rings with Valentines and Mothering Sunday in mind, and the jammy dodger key rings are one of Folksy's Valentine gifts which is boost! I've got lots of ideas simmering away, and I'm having to keep them firmly at the back of my mind for now!
One thing I am struggling on is a 21st Birthday gift for my nephew - he's not likely to drive and an alcoholic theme isn't really appropriate either so again, any suggestions would be very welcome!

Friday, 10 January 2014

Forest School Log - Mud!!!!!

As I have posted before I am lucky enough to teach Forest School four afternoons a week, and to be honest they are the best afternoons!
This week it has been very muddy in our little patch, and because it gets so much use it has just got muddier and muddier. The activity the children and I came up with was building our own walkway over the mud using the materials we could find. Mind you, it still didn't stop them playing 'Stuck in the mud' for real, skidding in the mud and 'accidently' falling over!
It was interesting to see how the different classes tackle the activity. One class made stepping stones using logs, whilst another laid them down next to each other. I also loved seeing the co-operation, kindness, encouragement and bravery that was happening.

Yummy hot chocolate!

We even ended up on Wednesday drinking hot chocolate in the rain - and guess what, I was told it tasted even better! (I thought it might have had something to do with the mini marshmallows myself!)

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Getting crafty

I'm sitting here in a very wild and wet Somerset writing my blog, when I should be doing lesson plans, waiting for high tide this evening, and hoping the sea will stay below the sea wall!
I made Mr P-L a key ring for Christmas, based on the idea that I love him more than jammy dodgers. I did get a bit carried away and made lots, so those are now for sale in my Folksy shop.
I love you more than jammy dodgers!
 I was then left with all the little hearts I had cut out of the middle of my felt biscuits. So today, after forcing my children to write thank-you notes for their presents, I used the left over hearts to make some very simple thank-you cards of my own, to give to the children at school for their gifts they gave me.
I don't waste anything!
The lovely gingham printed paper comes from Mrprintables and I just glued the hearts onto the front. No where near as intricate as the ones you see on Wendy's Handmade Harbour, but I am pleased with them!
Simple thank-you cards
This week week I am planning to join in with Handmade Monday and catching up with everyone, so I will finish by wishing you all a very happy New Year.
Happy 2014