Friday, 11 March 2011

Knit a red nose!

    Whilst browsing the web this week, I found this great item - that I had to share with everyone
a Red Nose corsage! I am already planning to knit one for P and I to wear next week (just have to get the wool) and have made my donation for the pattern. If you want to do the same visit Happy knitting!

Friday, 4 March 2011

Coldharbour Mill

Beautiful wool
Today P's class went to Coldharbour Mill in Devon to spend the day as a Victorian child applying for a job at the mill. Coldharbour is still a working mill and I bought this beautiful wool in their shop - pure wool £2.50 a skein. The only thing now is what to do with it!!!!
If you ever get the chance to visit we would highly recommend it. The children spent the morning in role with Mr Robson, the mill supervisor being put through their paces to see if they were suitable for a job - 2/6 for a boy. 1/6 for the girls, only 13 hour days with 20 minutes for lunch, and as the mill owner was a Quaker they would get Sundays off to go to church. The whole morning really gave them an idea what life was like for the 80 children employed there.

Some of the fabulous wool!
 In the afternoon we were given a tour around the mill, the children collected little bits of wool in the various stages as they went, and were inspired by the gorgeous colours. The wool is only available from the shop there (they do do mail order) and all the profits go to supporting the charity.
An amazing day - and I shall have to go back to buy more glorious wool!