Thursday, 27 June 2013

Sand sculptures

Bertie went to visit the library
I know it's been a while, but I've snatched half an hour to blog between mum's taxi runs!
I've been busy making bunnies for the bunny giveaway ( if you would like the pattern - it's free, see here and for the very cute tag, see here )
 As you can see Bertie likes books and Colin went to the beach.
Colin at the beach
I also had a fab day out at the beach with a lovely group of children. We went to visit the sand sculptures at Weston-Super-Mare, and I have to say it was one of the best trips ever!
The weather was brilliant, which helped a great deal, but I can not praise the staff there too much! They were friendly, very helpful, got mucky and couldn't do enough for us! The sculptures were, to be honest a bit hit and miss, some were excellent, some I wasn't too sure who they were. We did a photo hunt looking for the details and then we had a demonstration on how to make your own sculptures using very simple equipment and just sand from the beach (I always thought it was special sand) and water. Then the children, and adults got sculpting. The thing that tells you how good this was, is that usually on trips the first thing they want is their lunch, here we had to make them stop to wash their hands and eat, as they wanted to carry on making their own sculptures!
Jurassic Park

Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Giving Bunny Project

Sorry I haven't been around for a while, but Mr P-L has been doing computery things and now I have finally been given some time on the computer! I was going share some more bunting loveliness that Pickle-Lily and I have been working on, but then yesterday we were out shopping and I picked up a copy of 'Made in Felt'

Please take me home
In it Pickle-Lily found an article about the Giving Bunny Project . It is all about making very cute little rabbits out of felt and then leaving them somewhere to be found! There is a google map showing where they have been found, and so of course we had a look! There seem to be very few in the UK, so yesterday afternoon P and I made our first two bunnies - Angelina and Arthur. (For some reason Blogger isn't letting me edit my pictures at the moment, so the layout is a little random!!). As you  can see there is also a cute little label to print off to put with your bunny, for when he is found. Arthur has been put in position, so we will wait to see what happens next! You could always join in! I'm going to share this on Handmade Monday in the hope of recruiting some more bunnies!




Thursday, 6 June 2013

Doodle Bags

Doodle Bag
Introducing my latest creation - Doodle Bags! A bag you can colour in and
Doodle bag contents
inside a drawing pad, felt tip pens, a pencil, rubber, sharpener and ruler.
Designs do vary!

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Spotty Box

Pass the spotty box around ...
As most of you know my 'day job' is a primary school teacher, and one of the 'tools of the job' is my spotty box. In fact, I am know as the spotty box teacher to most of the children I have taught. When I tried to work it out, the total number so far that is, that is a very large number!
To play 'spotty box', it is passed around a circle of sitting children, just like pass the parcel, the spotty box song is sung, and when you get the box it is your turn to open it and see what is inside. That can be anything - singing cards to choose a song for us to sing, a book, a letter, interesting objects, emotion cards - tell us when you feel happy, sad... or whatever has taken my imagination to inspire the children. It can go round again, or the mystery object inside can inspire the rest of the session.
So I thought I'd use my spotty box, hopefully, to inspire you.
Inside the spotty box this time, is ......
 half a metre of oil cloth
a triangle template
six metres of cotton tape

I used it to make outdoor bunting, and it took me less than an hour!

Draw out your triangles

Cut them out

Pin onto the tape at 5cm intervals
A few observations
Half a metre of oil cloth was the smallest amount I could buy, but it only took the equivalent of a fat quarter. I have some left to either make more or be creative with.
My triangle measured 16cm across the base and was 18cm tall.
Pin the tape to the printed side of the oil cloth, and sew with that side down. I meant to change my needle to a heavy duty one, but forgot, and my normal needle actually coped very well.
Lift the triangle gently up as you sew it, as it can 'stick' to your sewing machine.
Ta - dah!

Outside bunting
Perfect for the lovely weather we're having at the moment!
I'm planning to join in with Handmade Monday this week, why don't you join in too?