Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Blackmore Farm
A busy week or as my husband would put it ... 'Busy! I just spent four hours burying the cat.' He is a HUGE Monty Python fan.
I have been busy crafting and at Christmas events - some were badly organised, some were fine, some had browsers not buyers and yesterday was super. Pickle-Lily was at Blackmore Farm, Cannington, just outside Bridgwater.
What an incredible place.

The Great Hall

Amazing flowers everywhere! All the candles lit for the evening.

Some of my wares
 I was in the Gallery with Heather who sold beautiful bronze figure, lovely Linda who sold out of scarves and her marvellous mum who does amazing machine embroidery! Full of dark wood panelling and stone walls with leaded light windows. It was very cold during the day, but in the evening when the heating went on and the shutters closed we soon warmed up. The house was lit by candles for the evening, with a blazing log fire in the Great Hall and period live music playing. Mulled cider was available and lots of shopping done. I'm afraid my poor writing skills do not do justice to this place and I couldn't take photos in the evening as it was so busy!

Imagine buying your mulled cider with all the Tilley lamps alight from here.
Things have now slowed down and I am trying to catch up with orders, blogging and housework. So I shall return later in the week.
Jo x


Caroline Lovis (Redneedle) said...

Lucky you to have a craft fair in such an amazing place - glad it went well. I had my first mulled wine last week too:)

CraftyLindy said...

Great to see you on Monday - thoroughly enjoyed our time together. You're right - beautiful venue and lots of lovely people there. :-) I am still recovering from the shock of how tall your children are!! Best wishes xxx