Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Last minute idea for a teenage son

I have been racking my brains for stocking fillers for my teenage son. I made him a phone sock - he gave it to his sister, I've bought him some microsoft points, he's not into beautifying (at the moment!) so no need for posh 'products for men'. I had thought of 'googling' Stocking fillers for teenage boys, but the thought of what I'd find made me decide not to do that!!!!
Yesterday P made a jelly in our new jellybaby jelly mould.
Jellybaby jelly mould (from Lakeland)
There had been much debate over what colour, but red was decided and the jelly made (it takes two packets if you buy one). Big brother couldn't wait for it to set! But eventually it was ready and turned out (very easily).
A photo had to be taken!
The laughter and giggles as this poor jellybaby was cut up, had it's legs chopped off and decapitated by the 13 year old son! So ... idea one is a jelly baby mould and some jellies - I've got to go out today for more jelly I have been told!
Stocking filler idea two - a voucher for a cake and one for a pudding of his choice to be redeemed during the year, or knowing him next week!
When Mr PL gets home tonight I'll see if he can do his ICT whizz kid stuff and can put a link on somewhere for the actual document.
The cards are written and the tree is decorated ... cakes to marzipan this afternoon!
Merry Christmas!
Jo x


Helen said...

Teenage boys are really hard to buy for aren't they! Wish I had a suggestion for you!

Stephen @ Soy of the North said...

When I was a teenager, I got mainly clothes, chocolate, deordarant/shower gels sets and money. If he's into a particular sport, maybe you could get him something sport related.

Picto said...

The jelly mould is a great idea, you can always put the first jelly in and when it's half set put some sweetie shoelaces or other such sweeties in then pour the second jelly in. I'd bet he'll love it.

Jan x