Monday, 12 December 2011

Christmas Ideas

Welcome to another Handmade Monday - and thank-you to Wendy for hosting it while she is so busy. Congratulations on your success Wendy, and I am so glad I did my Christmas order back in about September! I'm also joining in with this week's Creative Me Monday another blog party full of brilliant ideas. So my blog today is one of ideas for Christmas - I hope you enjoy them.
A gardening gift

Garden book from Paperchase, hand cream and home made plant labels
The lovely hand cream came from The Beekeeping Ladies  Pickle-Lily and I have often met these lovely ladies on our travels their lip balm is amazing and Mr P eats jars and jars of their honey marmalade. The labels were an idea from a Christmas magazine. Paint plant pot wooden shapes with chalkboard paint and glue lolly sticks on the back.

Pudding net bag
The pudding net bag was a gift from P's grandma yesterday. Although Mr P is excellent at tying knots, lifting the 3lb pudding I make, out of hot water (it's too big for the streamer and it will all be eaten by the end of Boxing day) with a string handle can be a little wobbly at times - this is brilliant, and I can make puddings now without having to wait for Mr P to tie them up. 
A new Poinsettia and an old Advent Calendar
I love this variegated Poinsettia - makes a great gift for anyone, but I'm keeping it! The Playmobil advent calendar we have had for years, P loves building it each year and setting it all up, highly recommend this to everyone.
An elf on a shelf! This is this year's 'craze' from what I can gather. One of Father Christmas's elves sits on a shelf and sends messages back to FC on how well behaved people are. P and I saw the original one yesterday - £25!!!! - for a hardback book and a rather disappointing plastic elf (she didn't like his face), so we got this little fellow instead. He is now going to be part of the Christmas traditions and travel around the house (more of a game as who can find him) and will probably visit my last Christmas Fair - Hestercombe House - next week-end with me. P is coming with me on Sunday to go ice skating.
Elf on a shelf
I will be back with more ideas later in the week - have a lovely week.
Jo x
P.S. washing machine repair man has just been, guess what I need for Christmas!



Not quite the surprise you want in your Christmas stocking rellay is it? Hope your last fair goes well and Elf enjoys it too.

SarahinSC said...

What a great gardening gift. My mother would love receiving that gift!

Jam Dalory said...

Lovely gardening gift and that elf is so cute, what a lovely face and a great idea for making sure children behave! Best of luck with your last fair. x

Caroline Lovis (Redneedle) said...

Wonderful ideas Jo! Esp love the gardening set, John Lewis buying dept had better watch out with you on the prowl. Love little elf too :)

Sarah - Dragonfly-Jersey said...

Am loving your little elf on a shelf... every home should have one xx

Caroline Nash said...

I could not live without my washing machine, hope you get sorted soon. Love the elf on a shelf he is so cute and the gardeners gift is great

mcrafts said...

Loving the elf Jo! The gardening gift is such a great idea. Mich x

Emma Thomsen said...

Great Ideas! I posted your stocking today (first class recorded). I found making the lining fit nicely a little tricky, but I hope that hasn't spoilt it. I hope you received my email thanking you for your stocking. The kids are still pestering me to open the presents, but I can wait! Emma

Mrs A. said...

Great round up of ideas for presents. No fun having a broken washing machine over Christmas . Hope yours gets sorted ok Hugs Mrs A.

Kat Shenton said...

Elf on a shelf rocks! Super cute with a festive theme.

Like the gardening gift idea. More like it please :)

Picto said...

What a lovely friendly looking 'shelf elf'. Hope you have a good week and you don't suffer the wash day blues for too long, with a couple of youngsters in the house it's the last thing you need.

Jan x

Your Friend Susie said...

I'm in love with the elf, but unsure what the pudding is. I think the UK idea of pudding and the American idea of pudding must be completely different! hahaha! :)