Thursday, 15 December 2011

And another idea!

All ready to go!
A simple gift for teachers, grandmas, grandads anyone really! A hyacinth in a pot, a coloured cellophane bag and a snowman tag.
The tags were made by printing two white circles using a carrot - cut off the top and bottom, smaller end is the head, top end is the body. I used readymix paint. Sprinkle with glitter whilst the paint is wet so it will stick to the paint.
Cut a sponge into a hat shape - any sponge - bathroom or one of the green scrubby kitchen ones - with a pair of scissors and print the hat using any colour you like. Add details of face and buttons when the paint is dry using a felt tip pen.

Great fun, easy and effective.


Picto said...

I love these prezzies made by the children, the tags look good fun to do.

Jan x