Wednesday, 31 August 2011

I am Elizabeth Bennet!

This evening I was reading Cuckoo's post about Knit Club and she wrote about Sew Sweet Violet in her blog, so off I went to visit (A very clever lady who makes beautiful things). In the side bar was a picture declaring 'I am Marianne Dashwood', so I had to visit and take part in the Emma Adaptions Quiz and I am Elizabeth Bennet!

I am Elizabeth Bennet!

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Do you like my house Pemberley?
I absolutely love Jane Austen, I have all her novels as yellowing Penguin Classics and must have watched every film and tv adaption of her works. My all time favourite is Persuasion with Ciaran Hind and Amanda Root. I regularly watch the DVD. I have visited Bath to stand in the colonnade, I lived in Winchester for four years and often walked through the city imagining... and a few years ago I went to Lyme Park.
Your family they are well?
I watched Pride and as Pickle-Lily called it Pred Juice when it was first aired many, many years ago the Jennifer Ehle version. Mr PL was supposed to be decorating but ended up watching it with me. We now have regular P&P 'fests' watching first the videos and then the DVD together and all the Sunday afternoon repeats. We can quote huge chunks of it and then we went to Lyme Park. If you don't know P&P was filmed there. We so embarrassed our children. As I am typing this P is begging me not to write about the embarrassing part. Well dear reader, we acted out several parts of the programme 'in situ'. The children actually ran away and hid.

How much longer are they going to do this?
P.S. Mr PL came home and read this post and the conversation turned to Sense and Sensibility and to the Vicar of Dibley when Harry proposed to Geraldine. Love it!
PPS Mr PL said I ought to explain the caption 'Have you seen my house Pemberley?'.
About the same time as Colin Firth was strutting in his breeches, Victoria Wood was entertaining us all with a character who went about in her duffle coat and beret saying 'Have you seen my friend Kimberley?' and we changed it to 'Have you seen my house Pemberley?' - if you had seen it you'd know what I mean! I'm off to search You Tube to see if it is on there!


Cuckoo said...

Doll! You gotta go to this blog and enter this giveaway. I am NOT entering so that your chance of winning wont be diluted. Or should I enter and then I can give it to you if I win? What will give the better odds? I think me entering will. Will it?


millefeuilles said...

Yes, yes! Come and enter the giveaway! Wouldn't it be brilliant if you won! ;-)