Monday, 8 August 2011

Handmade Monday

Hello to anyone coming over from Wendy's Handmade Monday it is lovely to meet you.
This week-end I have been busy making smaller things for my next craft fair - hairclips. Inspired by Keri and Crafty Ribbons I have made lots of lovely sets of hair clips, some with flowers and the gorgeous sparkly bling ones. Of course Pickle-Lily wants one of every sparkly colour, but they are so lovely I might wear some myself! Pickle Daddy ( or Mr PL as Caroline has now dubbed him) designed some super cards to display them on for us.

Our Vistaprint order arrived and we now have a banner to put on our stall and t-shirts to wear to advertise us, so you should be able to spot us at any event! Again designed by Pickle Daddy aka Mr PL!
Why not pop over to Handmade Monday to see what other bloggers have been up to?
Jo x
P.S. We registered with Vistaprint - didn't order as it was going to be quite expensive, then got lots of special offers which made the whole process much cheaper.


Wendy said...

Loving your new banner, and the gorgeous hair goodies look beautifully and professionally packaged. Love the T shirts too - good luck with your next fair!!

Sam Findlay said...

I love your hairclips! The sparkly ones are my favourites! Your banner and t-shirts look great!

Ros Made Me said...

Get you - how corporate! Seriously the banner is great and the t-shirts are lovely.

And sparkly hair clips - a little girl's dream :)

Ali said...

Lovely banner & tees - don't you just love VistaPrint!! I should buy shares in them based on the amount of times I use them!

Love the packaging of your hairclips too.

Ali x

Picto said...

Great banner, it will look great at the craft fair and sure to get you noticed. Great photo's too.

Jan x

Not so shabby said...

Lovely packaging! I'm trying to design some at the moment - its harder than i thought so great job!
Love the banner and the t-shirts are a great idea.
Good luck with your next fair.

Your Friend Susie said...

I'm in love with all the sparkles! And what a great idea, the display cards are very eye catching! Seems like these would sell in a heartbeat!

Caroline Lovis said...

Vistaprint, right I'm off to investigate. Love the slides and hats off to Mr PL for the packaging, it sets them off really well.

EmmaT said...

Vistaprint is a life saver isn't it?! I love the banner they did for me, although once I get my website up and running I'll have to redo one to include that.
Love the glittery hairslides, wish I had a little girl to be able to buy things like this!

Helen said...

That all looks brilliant, so professional. Will you still speak to me when you're a hotshot retail magnate?! Lovely to see you on Sat. Hx

Martha said...

wow, u have been busy with ur crafty hair clips! great idea! i hope they will sell well. good luck with the fair! x x x