Friday, 5 August 2011

Dirty Washing!

The photo does not do true justice to the colour!
Pickle or No.1 son has been at Marine Cadet Camp for the past two weeks (or thereabouts) and the washing machine has had a holiday as well! Yesterday he returned - the smell was the first thing that hit me. I must be honest, and say for a teenage boy he is very clean. He will shower every day, keeps his hair clean and short and puts on clean clothes at regular intervals. But being 'out in the field' makes everything different I was told. The poor washing machine is now on full time and I am hoping for a sunny windy day to dry everything. Yesterday I managed three loads and there is more to go today!
Can you guess what I've been doing!
Housewife's Kit
When he went away we were issued (at the very last minute) a kit list, including a housewife's kit, this I discovered was a sewing kit for marines. So I made him one out of a travel soap dish - I thought this would keep it dry, clean and stop it getting crushed. This could be made all girly - with pretty things instead of camo style needle case and heavy duty buttons. Snips, heavy duty sewing thread in appropriate colours, big safety pins, large eyed needles and a thimble were also added. Since he came back I've added some spare ankle twists (they use these to get the baggy bits at the bottom of their trousers) and a lip salve, as he forgot both of these and they fit quite snuggly and are ready for next time he forgets them! I'm now planning to make a girly version for Pickle-Lily (great stocking filler I thought).
On a totally different note I am taking part in OhSewBeautiful's cupcake swap - why not go over and have a look it closes on Saturday 20th August.
Have a lovely week-end!
Jo x


Picto said...

Those were the days..... Son at cubs/scouts, same son at air cadets, lots of camping trips. Daughter at Army cadets, also lots of camping. I was a Scout Leader so she always came camping with us. What fun, I agree that the smell was the worse thing, the soap dish is a great idea for bits and bobs.

Jan x