Friday, 12 August 2011

Christening Bags

It has been a busy week here at 'Pickle-Lily Palace' - P has had two friends round to play which has been great at keeping her busy, the plaster came off and then went back on again for another three weeks (so the whole school holiday in a cast for her) and we went and visited a new shop / makery in Weston-super-Mare where Pickle-Lily made a sock rabbit. More about the sock rabbit and Connie's when Mr PL downloads the photos from my phone. Big brother has spent the week on his xbox - I think I have forgotten what my son looks like standing up!

Christening bags in pink and blue
 Sea Breeze ( the shop that now stocks some of my things) asked me to come up with a Christening gift for them to sell. As they were often asked for these sorts of gifts and wanted something different to offer, so I came up with Christening bags. These contain a lovely small children's Bible that has simple stories and illustration - so is suitable for children up to about eight or so. They are made in felt and lines with pink or blue gingham fabric. I took them in last Friday with some more mermaids and they both sold on Saturday! Perhaps it is Christening season. Anyway off to make some more. They are on my Folksy shop if you are interested.
Am at Brent Knoll Village Market tomorrow morning between 10 and noon. Have a good week-end.
Jo x