Thursday, 25 August 2011


Last Sunday P and I went to Fibrefest in Devon. We had a great time, met lovely people, spent money, had a great hog roast roll and talked to the animals! Pickle-Lily took over a hundred photos!!

Mohair goat
The animals ....
A very curly sheep
The alapacas

The people ...
These included Sara and Darren from Sara's Textile Crafts and Suzie and Annie from The Wool Sanctuary. We also chatted to lots of other interesting people along the way.
We visited 'Above and Below the Waves'. this incredible knitted project, that had a marquee all of it's own. P visited it at least three different times during the day and found new things on every walk around or through. We met Alison Murray, the amazing lady who created all this! She chatted for ages telling us how over 2,000 knitters contributed, it takes about three days to put up, never put knitting on ice rinks - it freezes - and about her next project. Why not visit her website to find out more about her?

The mighty shark!

Knitted coral

Nemesis the sea monster

Rock Pool

Alison Murray
Look at the detail in Neptune ....
and on this bucket.
We had an amazing day - and there is more to come as we watched the alpacas being shorn. This involved two men having to tie down the poor creature who complained all the time. We were also warned he might spit (apparently it's green!) or wee everywhere! They talked to him all the way through and the end he seemed quite happy but a bit grumbly ( reminded me very much of a teenager being forced to go for a haircut!).





Cuckoo said...

Wow! I think fibrefest may have to be a date in my diary!

See you on Saturday my lovely.


K @ Aurora Blythe said...

What a cool post! Thank you for sharing this neat before and after and how it all comes together on wool. I am so fascinated by these sorts of things!