Friday, 22 July 2011

Ups and downs

It's been bit of a strange week this week. Full of ups and downs.
The Cheshire Cat
Saturday I was at Apex Park for the Alice in the Park event, run by Highbridge and Burnham artists group. It was pouring, I had thought we were in a marquee, it was actually three gazebos tied together, with rain pouring through the gaps! Only me, Shelton who makes amazing things from wood - beehives, cupboards, stools, big things and the man from Somerset Wildlife trust turned up out of the 12 stalls booked. That should have told me something!
White Rabbit
The HaBa ladies had made some amazing sculptures to go round the park for a sculpture trail and laid on lots of other activities, but because of the weather kept it all close together. The decision was then made to move Shelton and I into the plastic gazebo as the rain was pouring into the canvas ones - I hadn't even unpacked at that time! Pickle-Lily had already given up and daddy had come to collect her!
Lunchtime the sun came out for a short while and the band played and people arrived - it was beginning to be fun! Then the rain started again and the wind blew - it blew the band's gazebo over, it ripped the back off the plastic gazebo and several of the sculptures were damaged. At that point we all decided to pack up! Sunday was cancelled!

During the week I had hoped to go to the local community centre to do a free stained glass taster session, and then amaze you with my first creation. The tutor couldn't make it!
I did sell more things in my Folksy shop - that was good, and I did buy some lovely ribbon from Crafty Ribbon ordered it Thursday arrived Friday! Isn't it pretty?
My mystery toy knit along has slowed right down I've only done an arm this week.
First day at school - 2004
Thursday was also the last day at primary school for P. the whole week has been full of emotions for both of us, lots of ups and downs (11 year old girls can be so horrible to each other!). Still, we have come to the end of this stage of her life, and she has lots of good memories about primary school and the friends she's made. The leaver's service at the church was lovely yesterday, very simple and very moving, I just can't believe my little girl is going to BIG school in September. It also made me think about all the friends I've made at different stages - primary school, secondary, college, work and I've decided I really need to make a bigger effort to keep in touch, with everything going on it is so easy to loose touch, but friends are important.

Day one - lovely and white.
Oh and as a postscript we've been to the MIU again... I feel like I'm on an episode of Outnumbered. P's wrist is now in plaster for the next two weeks. It looks like this now, but she's off to Guide camp Monday, what colour do you think it will be when she gets back?
Jo x

P.P.S. - Guides now saying she can't go to camp with her arm in plaster!