Monday, 4 July 2011

Mystery Toy KAL

Clue 1 - The Body
I'm taking part in the Ravelry knitted toys group mystery knit-a-long. It's brilliant! A toy designed by Yarn Miracle's Emily that is being released in four parts, one a week. You don't know what it is you're making and there is so much speculation and discussion about it on the thread here.  Judging by her other designs it will be cute. I'll post photo's as I go. Anyone else taking part?
Jo x

Updated Tuesday, finished the body

This is the first clue, I forgot to add it yesterday!

This mammal has more than 250 species in his family. He’s not the most diverse creature in the world, but he has it all over the aardvark (total aardvark species = 1). But really, how many types of aardvark does one planet need?


Helen said...

What a sweet idea! Look forward to seeing what it is. Are you going on Saturday? Hx