Monday, 11 July 2011

Innocent Smoothie Hats make

7 hats so far!
 The knit club is taking part in this years Innocent Smoothie The Big Knit campaign to knit little hats to go on top of smoothie bottles, for every one sold they will donate 25p to Age UK. Knit club's target is 400, so far my grand total is 7!
Pickle-Lily has said that she would like to help make some as well, so I have designed the simplest pattern ever, and I would like to share it with anyone who is interested.

Hat make

It is  to make a hat like the blue one above.

Finished knitting
Cast on 28 stitches on 4mm needles using any double knit wool you like.
Knit or garter stitch 16 rows. 
Cast off.
sewn up
Sew up by joining the two row ends together, placing the seam in the middle, sew along the cast off edge, as in this picture. Turn inside out.

make a tassel - part 1
To make the tassels. Wrap the yarn around your fingers about 5 times and then, with a separate piece of yarn sew a knot.

Make a tassel - part 2
To make the Funky Hat, I used up all those long odd bits of yarn that are too long to throw away, and just accumulate in your knitting bag. I knotted them together to make a long piece of yarn. 2 rows garter then 14 rows reverse stocking stitch, with the purl as the outside. Made it up the same way as the blue one.

Funky hat

Why not pop over to Wendy's blog to find out what everyone else has been  doing for Handmade Monday.
Jo x


Caroline Lovis said...

What a lovely idea - now where did I put my needles?

Wendy said...

I love them and love the whole idea of it! I've popped over to apologise for closing Handmade Monday early - it was a mistake and is now reopened. So so sorry!! x

fatmonica said...

It's a fab idea-love them!

Kazies Magical Designs said...

we did this through work last year and knitted hundreds of hats its a great cause this is a really nice pattern x

Carolee Crafts said...

What a brilliant idea, hope you get to the target

Caroline Lovis said...

Hi me again. Have nominated you for an award please don't fell obliged to accept it, but it is here if you would like to