Sunday, 3 July 2011

All about me - Pickle Lily

Today we have a guest blogger - Pickle-Lily herself...

Us at Wedmore
I am Pickle Lily otherwise known as P. I got my nickname after my brother's- Pickle!
I love reading and I've always got my head stuck in a good book at bedtime, I've just finished a book from the library - North Child it's really thick and I was always saying it's at a really good part! Also my choice has gotten bigger realising I could read young adult books from upstairs (in the library)!  Enough rambling on about books and time to ramble on about animals.

Jemima the alpaca I met at Coldharbour Mill

My favourite animal is a penguin! But I also love Alpacas!
I love horrible histories and the TV and game show that goes along with it- I also love annoying my family with facts and songs!
I love...
   M aking
   A bsolutley
   K rafty   I nteresting
 kN itted
   G ifts!

I will be leaving primary school this year and everything is extra special!
I love music and loads of great songs and the disco!

We went to Wedmore street fair and I had a bacon buttie plus a chocolate ( another thing I love ) cupcake!!!!!

My fence
 I had fun! I decided to annoy my mum (to her discontent) and bop a balloon around until I popped it! When I went to see if they had any left - they didn't but somehow I ended up weaving! And I made a little fence!

Later just after we put everything behind the sofa on the shelves mum got called out to a fair at Berrow that started in a half hour! She went and had fun!

I had fun blogging- maybe I'll do it more often

(All photos taken by Pickle-Lily)


Caroline Lovis said...

I'm very impressed with your little fence, enjoy the last few weeks of Year 6

Rae said...

I can't belive I didn't get to the street fair this year, I was there last year, I'd loved to have seen your stall

Your little fence is lovely, I have a friend who has just shelled out to buy some like that for her garden