Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Did you miss me?

Probably not!!!!!
The past week and a bit have been back to back busy, with two fairs, a full week of teaching (all you full time people are probably fake groaning at me here!) and then two more long fairs over the bank holiday.
So what has Pickle-Lily been up to?
Cushions for sale
Pickle-Lily herself, after learning to make cushions, has branched into the retail world (also inspired by too many episodes of Trade Your Way to the USA) and is making cushions to sell and made her first sales this week-end. She is so excited, and planning to use her money to pay for another sewing course. She has called herself In a Pickle and the little penguin is her logo!
My new creation this week are patriotic owl keyrings

red, white and blue owls
I'm very pleased with how different these are and they have been a big hit over the past week! I now need to make some more.
Isn't this brilliant!
One more thing I have to share with you - a pizza oven car! We met Georgios Pizzas on Monday, at Milverton Street Fair, where they had set up their stall in the pouring rain. They produced the most delicious pizzas (we had a margarita)  using their unique mobile oven - fab-u-lous (in my best Craig Reville Horwood voice).
This week P and I are busy making new stock, and I have some new ideas itching to come out of my fingers - as well as teaching and all the hundred jobs being a mum involves!
Hopefully I'll be back soon, and in the meantime have a read of all the other fabulous blogs hosted by Wendy for Handmade Monday and stay dry!
Jo x


Ros Made Me said...

Your owls look fantastic... I don't know why but they always look so cute and cuddly despite being being so red in tooth and claw in real life. And for some reason they always make me smile :)

Twinkle Star said...

You have both been busy! Congrats to Pickle-Lily on her new venture! Love your owls - they are A-mazing, my mum would love them (she is obsessed with owls!)

That mobile pizza oven is fab!

Have a great day both x

Caroline Nash said...

A busy week and does not look as if you have stopped yet. That pizza sounds delicious but not allowed cheese!

Wendy said...

The owls are just gorgeous, as are the cushions. Well done Pickle-Lily on her new venture - very impressive! x

Picto said...

I love the name 'In a Pickle' Best wishes on her new venture.

Jan x