Friday, 27 April 2012

Best Sellers

The geraniums are looking bright!
Hello to another wet and wild day here in Somerset. It's been a funny old week here busy with family life and consequently not much crafting going on and I really miss it! Yesterday was P's birthday - she had lots of crafty type presents and a huge chocolate cake (most of which is now gone!) and spent the evening sewing a cushion and then went to her tap lesson. Her dancing school are doing a show in the autumn and her tap class are doing a stomp number, it sounds like a great deal of fun and I'd quite like to have a go myself!
This is one of her presents - I want one too!
Today I am trying to finish off lots of things - some Union flag baking bags and baby bunting kits.
 A little while ago Fiddly Fingers asked me what my best sellers were. Now to be honest I haven't kept track of how many of things I'd sold, but rather did a stock take type approach of topping up items as they sold. I know all the seasoned craft sellers are now probably tutting and shaking their heads - so I started a simple tally chart of my sales.
My best sellers are ... Lucky dips!!! I started these as at many fairs, children come clutching a pound coin of their very own to spend and there was not much around for them to spend it on. So P and I now wrap up little parcels for little people to spend their pounds on, and they love it! We don't 'make money' on these, but it also means lots of adults look at the stall while their child is choosing and I can often make a sale as well!

Baby Blossom Bunting kit

Red, white and blue owls with baby bunting in the background.
The other best seller (at the moment) are the baby bunting kits. I made four up as a trial run last week-end, and sold them all, so I have spent evenings cutting out felt flowers to make up another set for this week-end. I've also created a red, white and blue version for all the summer's festivities and thought it would be more manly as well.
I have also been given two blogger awards! So firstly thank-you to Christmas Pie Crafts and Fiddly Fingers for the Versatile Blogger Award. I now need to pass this award on ..... I think this will have to be a whole post of its own, so watch this space ... as I have to chose fifteen blogs!
But I'm going to finish this post with
Happy Birthday P!


Picto said...

Hap-hap-happy birthday P. Hope you had a great day and enjoyed the chocolate cake.

Best wishes

Jan x

GirlAnachronismE said...

Love the red, white and blue bunting, it's so cute, perfect for the jubillee

Fiddly Fingers said...

Thank you for letting me know about this post. I tried to reply yesterday, twice, but for one reason and another I was not successful!!

Interesting about the lucky dips, I had wondered about this but not actually got around to doing anything about it! Sounds like kits may be the way forward, I must get my extreme crochet kits worked out and see how they go. I lurve you stripy owls! Oh and a belated Happy Birthday to P!

Glad you were pleased with your award and thanks for your comment on my blog. x

delia hornbook said...

aahh those little knitted figures are adorable and so is the felt buntting that is a great concept and use of materials ;-)) Enjoy your week, and lets hope the rain stops soon. dee xx