Tuesday, 15 May 2012

My new toy

My new toy
A few weeks ago, after reading the Make it Monday blog post on Sew Sweet I treated myself to a button making kit (at only £2.99!) and some self cover buttons from there. As I was cutting out this week-end I realised that rather than stash the off-cuts this was the perfect time to play with my new toy, and ta-dah!
Hair bobbles
There's an easy to follow tutorial on Sew Sweet's blog page and the instructions are on the back of the packet.
I have also been busy with a new bag design - Daisy, Daisy - going for bright funky colours this summer (well I live in hope!) .  I'd planned to take their photos on the grass with daisies around them, but Mr PL cut the grass whilst I was out at the week-end!

Daisy, Daisy bags
Only a short blog today, as I have to go to the library, Pickle-Lily used the new self check out system and her record now shows that she has 14 books out (not the three we have at home) including Andy McNabb, Murder at somewhere and other adult books, rather than Jacquline Wilson and Michael Morpurgo, so I need to sort this out before I go to school this afternoon. I'm then going to spend the rest of the week reading all the lovely blogs at Wendy's Handmade Harbour. Thank-you Wendy for hosting this again!
Jo x


Wendy said...

Your new button making machine looks quite exciting! I love the felt bags, too. I can see they would've looked good on a lawn on daisies. I'm sure the daisies will make a reappearance though! Our grass is still far too wet to cut and it poured overnight again - it will be thigh-high before we know it.

Sarah said...

The bags are so sweet.

I love making fabric covered buttons too - they're so useful and pretty. I love your hair bands.


buttons are so very popular on everything at the moment, so a button-making machine is brilliant. Like the spotty ones. The felt bags are really lovely. Hope you ahve a good week.

Little Harriet said...

The felt bags are lovely and bright. The button making kit looks fun and very useful.


Free Spirit Designs said...

what a fab little gadget! i want one now :)

your buttons turned out wonderfully and the hair ties were a great idea (you can never have too many of them!)

i love your bags too, they're really cheery - with or without the good weather to match!

Nicki Tustin said...

Those hair bobbles are so trendy, love the fabric

Libby said...

Your bags are sew cute! lol sorrry for the rubbish pun lol! Love the bright colours and your lovely buttons!

Wendy said...

OOOh, I haven't seen this button making gizmo before, I've been using the self cover ones. Is it easy to use?

Highland Monkey's said...

Hmmm that little gadget looks interesting and a reasonable price. Must go see what that's all about!