Monday, 2 April 2012

Lavender Pekoe and Coronation Chicken

Spring chicken and friends
Now that Pickle (brother of Pickle-Lily) has returned from touring the battlefields with the camera and spent all of today downloading hundreds of photos on Facebook, I have managed to regain use of the camera and computer. So, here are Spring Chicken's cousins Lavender Pekoe and Coronation Chicken.
Lavender Pekoe

Coronation Chicken

Inside Coronation
I've since thought of the Little Red Hen and speckled hen variations that could be made! Coronation's pattern was created by knitting two rows red then white then blue in garter stitch and using the reverse side as the outside.
I did two fairs this weekend and my baby blossom bunting was much admired.
Had to take this picture with that background painted on the wall behind!
I was asked quite a few times if I sold the bunting, and during the driving between fairs the cogs in my brain were whirring away and I decided my next kits would be baby felt bunting kits. Pickle-Lily is creating my prototype (I get her to test run my creations) so watch this space!
During the week I will be fighting the children for access to the computer to visit all the other brilliant blogs on Wendy's Handmade Monday.
Have a lovely week!
Jo x


Mrs Pink said...

Gorgeous hens! I used to own a narcoleptic Lavender Pekin - she used to be scratching away in the garden and then suddenly fall asleep! Your Lavender Pekoe just reminded me of her.

Fiddly Fingers said...

I haven't done any fairs for a while now and I think the first one I have coming up is August, but just out of interest what were your best sellers? Oh and by the way, what a super background for your stall. Love the photo.

Wendy said...

Cute chickens - love them. I also think the baby felt bunting kits are a brilliant idea x

Whitney-Anne Baker said...

I just love your little chickens!

Caroline Nash said...

The chicks are so sweet and agree the bunting kits would be a good idea

Martha said...

great creations! the chicks rule definitely! and i love the name - coronation chicken :)
your stall is so pretty, full of colourful items, no wonder people want to buy your baby bunting, its dead cute!

mcrafts said...

I love the little chickens! Good idea to sell the bunting! You stall looks really colourful in picture. Have a good week! Mich :)

Jam Dalory said...

Great little chickens, theres so many colours to choose from, I may have to have a go at making some of these, I can just about manage garter stitch! Your stall looks great, so summery and cheerful. x


The bunting kits are a great idea - they are so very popular now. I love the pic of your stall - what a great background to have. Chicks are gorgeous too. Hope you have a good week.