Friday, 30 March 2012

Festive Friday - I'm a Spring Chicken

'I'm a Spring Chicken, I'm yellow and small
My feathers are fluffy and they're keeping me warm.
My legs are not long so I'll never be tall
But I'm a real spring chicken and I'm having a ball!

All the teachers and mums will be cursing me now as you'll go around singing this all day! Thank-you Out of the Ark Music click to listen on line if you don't know the tune.
So inspired by the song I have created my very own spring chicken.
Spring Chicken
Cast on 30 stitches using 4mm needles and double knitting yarn.
Garter stitch 18 rows.
Cast off.

A chocolate egg can go inside - or you stuff him!

Sew up one side and across the cast on or cast off edge - whichever is tightest.
Turn right side out.
Using some of the long ends you have probably saved because you can't waste them, sew some loop at one corner for the tail.
Then sew,  using sewing thread, two googly or wobbly eyes at the other corner. Using another long end of orange yarn, sew a couple of small loops as the beak.
At this point you can either stuff the chicken and sew up the open edge, or leave it open to sit on a chocolate egg.
I have used lavender yarn to create a lavender pekin (actually a bantam) chicken and red, white and blue for coronation chicken - sorry no photos as son has the camera on his school trip to WWI battlefields. But you can let your imagination go wild with any types of chicken you'd like to create.

'Chicken, I'm a chicken, and I'm having a ball!'

Have a lovely week-end!
Jo x


fatmonica said...

It's so cute!I love it.

Jam Dalory said...

He's brilliant, a little creme egg cosy! I'd love to see some pics of the others too, you'll have a house full of spring chickens very soon. x

Picto said...

I'm being really naughty and eating a creame egg while typing this.
He's a cute 'ickle chick.

Jan x

Bella-Boutique said...

Super Cute Chickens! I love them!

FeltByRae said...

Oh, oh!! A knitting pattern I can do! (I am the world's most rubbish and slowest ever knitter) thank you :-) I am so going to make a couple of these for my favourite friends at work!

Liz Burton said...

Oh I love this! Finally a knitting pattern and not a crochet pattern - I can't crochet!

Thanks for linking up to #GetYourCraftOn