Friday, 13 April 2012

Red, White and Blue

blue, white and red

It having been the Easter holidays, I have been out and about with the children, and I've noticed that Easter is done! All the shops have rapidly cleared away their Easter goodies (I was hoping to pick up a few bargains) and they are now full of Olympic and Jubilee things. This made me think ... that statement usually worries Mr P-L a lot... and I've come up with a Red, White and Blue Collection (that sounds posh!).
'The first design along the catwalk are the owls...'

red, white and blue

 I just love them so much!
'Next up along the catwalk is....'
This is red, white and blue dolly mixture with some beautiful fabric P and I picked up in Millie Moon yesterday (more about that in another post), she will be wearing a skirt made from one of these lovely fabrics, but at the moment I just like looking at them and don't want to cut them up!!
There are lots more ideas in my head on this theme waiting to come out of my fingers, but P is making chocolate cakes with her friend in the kitchen and I can see clouds of cocoa powder so I must go!
Have a lovely week-end!
Jo x


Highland Monkey's said...

How sweet are those little owls. I like their little legs. The doll is looking excited getting a new dress. I know what you mean about cutting new fabric up!

Fiddly Fingers said...

Love the owls. I think the little girl likes the blue spotty one!!

I was very pleased to receive the Versatile Blogger Award recently and now it gives me great pleasure to nominate you for this award!

To find out more about the Versatile Blogger Award have a look at the post of the same name over on my blog. Congratulations!

Bella-Boutique said...

oooo these are lovely! I can't decide whether I love the owl or the doll the best!