Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Hot Water

Good morning everyone
Especially if you are visiting from Wendy at Handmade Monday .
Not much to report this week on the crafting front as I had four fairs booked and managed to teach everyday.
Unfortunately when I woke up on Sunday morning, bright and early to go to the day's event, I discovered that the hot water tank in the airing cupboard was leaking and all the old towels I stored on the floor in there were absolutley soaking wet! So I spent Sunday waiting for the gas man to arrive (we have one of those home breaksown plans, thank goodness). We need a new hot water cylinder and it can't be fitted until Thursday. I now realise how lucky I am to have hot water on tap and how many times in the day I use it. We are having baths by filling the bath using the kettle, it is incredible how many kettles full of hot water it takes for a couple of inches of bath water! Roll on Thursday!
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Jo x


fatmonica said...

Water tanks always play up at the wrong time!Hope you get it sorted.

Picto said...

I hate the idea of not having hot water, I'm lucky that we have a shower separate to the tank. Sometimes we only realise how lucky we are when something like this happens.
Roll on repair....

Jan x


Not a great time of year to be without hot water - hope it is not too cold where you are. Roll on Thursday. Hope the rest of the week is calm and peaceful - and ultimately warm.

Jam Dalory said...

Those home breakdown plans are worth their weight in gold, I wouldn't be without mine! I hope you get it sorted soon. x

Twinkle Star said...

What a nightmare, hope everything is fine now x

Wendy said...

It's only when something like this happens that we realise how much we take for granted. Hope it's sorted without too much hassle x

Sandra (Cherry Heart) said...

Thanks for joining me on the quest for a Pretty Crafty Home! I've added your link to my sidebar and I'm here to have a little nose around and wish you luck with your home!

Hope you have fun with it.

S x

Highland Monkey's said...

Glad we have a shower seperated from the bath. I remember way back in days so far away they are off the calendar, we had to fill all our baths up with kettles and saucepans....once a week!