Friday, 16 March 2012

and the winner is.......

Firstly -  an apology for not doing this sooner, but I have been really busy this past week - aren't we all though! As you may know I am a supply teacher with some regular teaching work thrown in, and I have worked every day last week, this week and will be next week - and am very grateful! What it means though, is that crafting has to take a back seat whilst I'm teaching and blogs are far too distracting!
Next - the Birthday Giveaway Winner is ....

Choosing the winner

 ...Twinkle Star.
Thank-you to everyone who entered.
Finally - I had an email last week from a lovely lady who had seen my toys on Folksy and asked if I could knit her a new favourite toy for her son. The old one's yarn had been worn away from so much loving. I recognised the photo she sent me as one from Jean Greenhowe's Knitted Toys book, and set about knitting him. I used some beautiful Adriafill merino in beautiful colours and a real pleasure to knit with and last night he was finished. He is bigger than my usual dolls so took a little bit longer to make. Now I have to make him a sleeping bag for night time snuggles (the clown that is!)

Have a good week-end
Jo x

P.S Pickle-Lily actually picked the winner!
PPS I've been doing connectives all week - can you tell!


Twinkle Star said...

OMG - can't believe I won, yippee! Thank you! I have replied to your comment email with my address details. Have a fab weekend x