Friday, 1 March 2013

Bathrooms, Blog and Birdhouses

This is my list for my non-teaching days this week! I haven't blogged for a while (two weeks!) but life has been busy with everyday things. So

Bathrooms - cleaned!
Blog - in progress and
Birdhouses ...

I love watching the birds at the bird feeder when I'm in the kitchen, and yesterday as I was washing up I wondered if we'd have any nests this year. We usually have starlings in the gap under the roof by Pickle-Lily's bedroom and I have got Mr P-L to put up some birdhouses as well. Thinking about all of this got my mind whirring and I started drawing as I was waiting for the children to come out of school, and after a few prototypes, here are the first felt birdhouses! I've put ribbon loops on as I thought they'd look pretty as a hanging twig decoration with Easter on the way, and I might make a few with lavender in as well. I'll see where the inspiration takes me.
Have a good week-end x


Prudence said...

i love the tiny birdhouse pin you mind if I give it a go??? ♥Debi

FeltByRae said...

I love, love your birdhouses... what a great idea!