Friday, 7 October 2011

Festive Friday #1

I am such a big kid as I love Christmas!
Having taught the younger age range for soooo many years I have been lucky enough to have two Christmas's a year - one at school and one at home! Every year on the first school day in December I would get out the school decorations and decorate my classroom, we would have a Santa's workshop and I could build a sleigh out of an upside table and some seats ( and lots of fabric!).

I also for many years bought Prima Traditions Christmas magazine - made the Nativity costumes and knitted the gifts, but it hasn't been published for about ten years.  I was so surprised and pleased when I found this

on the supermarket shelf this week. It is brilliant! Absolutely chocked full of great ideas and makes, like these


And so many more great makes. The magazine is £3.99 and well worth it.
Because I love festivals so much - Diwali and Hanukkah also featured heavily in school celebrations, and don't forget Halloween and Bonfire Night - the blog will have some Festive Friday features (I love alliteration!) up until I run out of ideas!

Happy Friday!
Jo x
P.S. Pickle-Lily is at Brent Knoll Village Bazaar and Farmer's Market tomorrow 10 to 12 noon.


Caroline Lovis (Redneedle) said...

Your classroom sounds like an amazing place at Christmas - lucky children, will have to look out for that mag

Bella-Boutique said...

Ooh Christmas Prima, I'm in there!