Tuesday, 6 September 2011


What's wrong?
This is the view that greeted me one morning last week (sorry about the quality - another job to add to list - clean windows!). 'What's wrong?' I asked Pickle. Finally we worked it out, the tree on the right was empty, the one on the left covered in apples! We'd been scrumped!
Both trees were presents, one from my sister-in-law one from a small village school I'd had a very happy year at. They are ready at two different times. I had been following the excellent advice on the BBC website for checking when to pick them, but someone had beaten me to it!
So I set to work picking apples before we lost the others. To be honest I don't know what sort they are except they are eaters and really pretty!

What pretty apples!
I am now peeling lots of apples and stewing some for freezing. They produce a lovely pale pink juice and are just as pretty when cooked.

Too pretty to eat!
So I am also making all things apple - so another recipe to share - Apple Cake - look in the Bakes... page.
Apple Cake

Jo x