Tuesday, 20 September 2011

95 sleeps to Christmas - another make!

As you know I have started to make Christmas things over the past few weeks, including some tree decorations. The little mitten above is one of them, and I will do a tutorial on these at a later date. Today's tutorial is a 'quickie' on how to make a twisted cord, perfect for hanging all your decorations. I have also explained it several times over the past few weeks to different people, so now I can point them in the direction of the blog.

To make a twisted cord about 75cm long, first cut 2m of yarn and tie a simple loop in each end.

Hook one loop over a door handle (doesn't have to be a handle, could be a hook or even another finger!), and the other over your index finger, stretch the yarn between the handle and you until it is straight (but not taut) and start twisted it by twirling your finger.

Put one loop around a door handle
Other loop on your finger - and twist
Keep twisting!
You can tell when it is ready by putting the two loops together and they will twirl around each other.
Knot the two ends together by the loops.

Gently straighten out your cord by pulling it between your fingers.
One end will have a knot, neaten by trimming off the loops, the other end will tread through a big eyed needle for sewing with.
If you want small lengths use smaller lengths of yarn to begin with or make a long cord, tie a knot at the length you need, tie another knot about 1 cm away and cut the cord between the two knots (to stop the rest of the cord unravelling!)
I have trained small Pickles to twist cords for me!!
Only 95 sleeps to go according to Pickle-Lily.
Jo x


GiddyStuff said...

I am impressed that you're making so many plans for Christmas already. I'll have to make something extra special for the Christmas Decoration Swap - you've got so many ideas x