Friday, 24 June 2011

Spirit of Wells

I just love these pictures! Top one is P the bottom one is called 'Toothache'.

On Wednesday I was invited to the Spirit of Wells day with Pickle-Lily and the rest (well all 7 of them) of the year 6's at Wells Cathedral. It is something they do every year for all the church schools in the area, as a way of passing the end of primary school and looking forward to secondary. What a fantastic day, the weather, as now sadly seems to be the norm, was rubbish, the journey a little long winded (to avoid all the Glastonbury traffic) but we all had a fabulous time.

There were lots of different workshops to take part in, I did storytelling, drumming and being a cathedral guide with my group. The cathedral cat, Louis, casually strolled down the aisle during the opening worship as if to greet the children. The children sang their hearts out and at the end the organ filled the cathedral as they opened the big double doors at the front and everyone poured out onto the cathedral green. Even now I still get goosebumps remembering the emotion, the joy, the feeling of well-being as we left that incredible building.

I took lots of photos - of course! Including the gargoyles that just are everywhere, we were told that during the winter the workmen couldn't work on the exterior so they would create hundreds of gargoyles for the inside.

I do apologise for the quality of photos, but it was difficult taking them. I was also a very proud mum as P was chosen to carry the school banner. The other thing that was amazing, all the people of all ages, who gave up 6 days (it takes 6 days to accomodate all the schools) to help with the Spirit of Wells.


Picto said...

Wells is a beautiful Cathedral, I love gargoyles, sometimes we forget to look up and we miss so much, sounds like you had a great time.

Jan x

Rae said...

I love gargoyles, I've always had a thing for them and had one from Past Times once. I just spent 5 lovely days in wells on a massage course, I'm back there again in August for 5 more days.

How great that P got to carry the banner, that's an honour, she looks like she had a great time