Monday, 27 June 2011


17 presents
OH at last I've worked out how to add captions to photos, all this time I've been writing my blog in 'Edit HTML' mode instead of compose, which lets me do all sorts of things - I am daft!

It was our babysitter's 17th birthday, so Pickle-Lily and I got together 17 (mostly) handmade presents. They were ...

  • a finger of fudge - a finger of fudge is just enough to give the kids a treat (she looked at me very strangely when I sang it to her).
  • smarties - got to have choccies on a birthday, and of course because only smarties know the answer.
  • a flower drawing pin - from Paper and String
  • a funky chicken - P calls her Mrs Chicken, inspired by After Hours ( I wanted to buy one from here, but couldn't organise it in time.)
  • bath bombs
  • bath confetti - both bought from some lovely ladies at Weare Street Fair.
  • body butter
  • soap - because you have to have smellies for a birthday gift.
  • a painted birthday girl stone paperweight
  • a painted slate decoration - both from a lovely lady I met at a fair, who sadly doesn't have a blog or website!
  • a party popper
  • a packet of lovehearts
  • a pot of bubbles - you are never too old for bubbles!
  • a phone sock from Pickle-Lily
  • a felt keyring
  • a student survival kit
  • all in a pretty bag made by Pickle-Lily herself for Mrs Chicken!
We had great fun finding and making 17 little presents together.
Once again a big thank-you to Wendy for hosting / organising Handmade Monday.
Jo x


Carolee Crafts said...

I love themed gifts and 17 almost handmade perfect. I can remember the fudge song along with crunchie just goes to show ads do have a lasting impression

Wendy said...

What a lovely thoughtful and pretty selection of gifts! They look lovely all together. Happy birthday to your babysitter x

Helen said...

I love receiving and giving presents like this, sometimes so much better than one big one :)

Picto said...

A lovely group of presents, as much much fun making, selecting and giving as in receiving.

Well done.

Jan x

Caroline Lovis said...

What a lovely surprise I bet she was thrilled and yes I've been known to sing that ditty too, also with the same reaction.

Martha said...

what a lovely bunch of goodies!!!
and i can see a nice chick over there :) any chance of seeing more pics of it? :P
thanks for linking back and also thank you for visiting my blog x

fatmonica said...

A great selection of presents.I'm sure she was thrilled!

Sam Findlay said...

This is great isn't it?! I've done this a few times for different people and I honestly love putting it together as much as they seemed to love receiving it!

Your Friend Susie said...

That's so kind, and really fun!

Mrs A. said...

Must go and see how I do my posts cos i didn't know you could add captions either. Great idea for the collection of prezzies. Hugs Mrs A.

Helen said...

What lovely thoughtful gifts. You'd only want to copy the age/number of presents idea up to a certain point though - don't think I'll do it for my Grandma! xx