Saturday, 4 June 2011

Shopping and teachers

On Wednesday Pickle-Lily and I took big brother shopping. He didn't want to go - but he had no choice1 I'm not really happy at leaving him alone for over a couple of hours - when he's plugged into the xbox he wouldn't notice the house burning around him, just think it was part of the game! I also said he could have the new Rick Riordan book if he came. Brilliant book, yes I know it's meant for kids but I read it in a day totally hooked!

Anyway, back to shopping, we went to the big shopping centre at Cribbs Causeway, he was fine in the first few shops we had to visit, we even went into Game and HMV for him, but it was John Lewis that was the problem! There is just sooo many lovely things to look at. I did suggest he went to the electrical department, but I don't think he trusted us timewise, that we'd take even longer. Still, armed with my list I went to haberdashery, again soooo many lovely things. P and I loved showing each other all we'd found as someone got crosser and crosser! Then we went to pay, and the queue was enornmous, around two walls of the department. Someone was now ready to explode and was muttering away. The problem was he was so funny, P and started to laugh and so did some other ladies in the queue. In the end I thanked him for entertaining us and suggested he waited by the escalators ready for a quick getaway! Then we went to Hobbycraft ... he stayed in the car with his book!

When we were in M&S P and I were looking at teacher cards and talking about a present for her teacher in July. So as I drove home the brain went to overdrive and this is what I spent Thursday and Friday creating...

Apple for the teacher keyring and notebook
(both are on Folksy if you're interested).


Helen said...

John Lewis is a very dangerous shop and the haberdashery dept even more so! Love the keyring and notebook - what a lucky teacher.


Caroline Lovis said...

I so know what you mean I avoid shopping with my two boys at all costs, actually who am I kidding, they just refuse to come with me unless like you say I can think of a suitable bribe. I think your idea for teachers gifts are lovely, you've spurred me on to think creatively. Make sure you visit my blog there may be a little surprise for you

Cuckoo said...

I keep having accidents in JL haberdashery department. I find myself at the till merrily tapping my pin in to a machine that says I have spent a hundred quid!!! It's shocking!

Hoby craft is a place I get totally overwhelmed in, it's the same in Ikea and Cadbury Garden center. I get frozen by the sheer volume of choice.

Apple key ring looks fab. Very sweet. Clever duck