Monday, 29 April 2013

Monday Mini Make

I love those pretty tape measures you see in John Lewis and Cath Kidston, but when I looked on Saturday they were £8 - yes £8!!! So I decided to make one for myself, well actually I made two.
mini tape measures
I bought, from my local friendly haberdashery shop, a little tape measure for £1.20. I cut out two circles of felt (mine were 7cm wide), I decorated them with pretty buttons and then I roughly stitched them together. I did this by sewing a running stitch around the edge of the circles and pulling it up round the edge.I did that for the second circle and then sewed them together. The coral measure was made first, but I decided I wanted it a little plumper, so the blue one had a little wadding between the tape measure and the felt, to pad it out a little.

I left a small slit for the tape to go through

sewn together

notice how my felt and buttons co-ordinate with the ribbon!
Then I carefully stitched some button ribbon around the outside to hide the join. I started and finished at the small gap I'd left for the end of the tape measure.

Finally, a small piece of ribbon with a button detail to add to the end of the measure.
I love them, and I can see these appearing in Christmas stockings this year - now how's that for organised!!!


mckinkle said...

These are super, stylish and useful! What more could anyone ask?!
Thanks for the inspiration!
Keryn :)

Prudence said...

Good for you smarty pants! I love the button ribbon you used that match your buttons peerrrrfectly. I must give this a go, what a wonderful idea. Thank you for sharing this. ♥Debi

Gertie said...

Yours are much prettier than the ones you buy in the shops.

I'm sure anyone who finds one in their stocking on Christmas day would be delighted with it xx