Friday, 19 April 2013

b... b... b....

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B is for Bloglovin and as Google reader is saying good-bye in the summer, Bloglovin seems to be the one to be on now. It was very easy to 'import' the blogs I currently follow, and I do like the daily email of all the new posts on the blogs that arrives in my inbox. I had to paste the code in at the top to 'claim' my blog.

Beach hut key rings

 B is also for beach huts!
Finally the weather has improved enough for me to think about warmer and sunnier days and I ended up creating beach huts!
I really like the red, white and blue bright colours together, and I'm thinking about a more 'girlie' colour scheme next.
Brave ... I'm going to go and peg my washing out for the first time this year, because knowing my luck it'll rain!!!


Delia Ryder said...

Those are so sweet Jo, dee x