Friday, 1 February 2013

Four for Folksy Friday and a a a

I've been toying with two ideas lately about doing something different with the blog - one is a crafting alphabet and the other is joining in with Folksy Friday. So today is my first fumbling step into this.
First the crafting alphabet idea. Well. my first thought for a - was ants! As an early years teacher who has taught phonics for many moons, a means 'a .. a ...a ... ants' (coupled with my fingers climbing up my arm). All the teachers and mums out there know what I mean!
Now I had ants on the brain, and I was - to admit it - stuck! I couldn't think of a recipe or a make to do (Actually I've come up with several, after the drive to school!) with ants, so I had a look on Folksy and it came up trumps.
So my Four for Folksy Friday are ...

Textile Mug by Miwary
This cute fabric mug from Miwary
Bean bag by Zoe Est Kids

A beautiful big beanbag from Zoe Est Kids
Backyard Party fabric by Michael Miller from Stitch Me Lane
Fab fabric from Stitch Me Lane
Card from Suzy Taylor
This amazing paper cut design from Suzy Taylor
I'm off now to make some ant related items (good for the beastie lovers out there!). I'll post some pictures when I'm done. As an aside, to all those in the know about Jolly Phonics, I have now got the song 'A a a ants on my arm' going round and round in my head!


Picto said...

Looking forward to seeing your Ant related items :)
This reminds me that I have an alphabet theme, I think I'm up to the letter K, I need to get a move on and finish the rest of the letters.
Thanks for the inadvertent push :)

Jan x

Ali said...

He he phonics proved a big embarrassment when my daughter was little. She started ballet classes and when they asked me to spell her name I said it in phonics. The person just looked at me like I was mad.
I couldn't believe the wonderful ant finds. They're all amazing and I couldn't pick a favourite. Have a lovely weekend.
Ali x