Saturday, 15 September 2012

A quick update

I really don't know how I did it!!!
This week has been the first full-time week I have done, in the same class, for over two years and I am shattered! It's not the teaching, I'm loving having my own class, it's all the other stuff - washing, ironing, cooking, the kid's social life... I just don't know how I did it before.
Fitting crafting in has been a real struggle. To be honest all I've been able to do is finish off two Dolly Mixtures for lady who wanted them for her grown-up daughters as a Christmas gift.

My fingers are itching and I have loads of ideas whirling around but everything needs to go on hold until I get better organised. I've put my Folksy shop on holiday and luckily I've no fairs booked for the rest of the month. This is good, as last week I was at an outdoor event with Pickle-Lily, we'd just set up and I was talking to a lady when she fainted, onto my table and sent the whole lot crashing to the ground! Luckily the lady was fine, but the folding table was badly damaged and I may have to get a new one, if Mr P-L can't mend it. Right back to marking!


FeltByRae said...

Crumbs, that's a bit of a drama you don't need, hope all your stock was ok as well as the poor lady

Your Dolly Mixtures are adorable, I love all your creations and hope to see them in real life at a craft fair one day