Thursday, 5 May 2016

Happy Hedgehogs

This week is Hedgehog Awareness Week, and as they are probably my favourite woodland creature, they are one of my favourite designs.
Hedgehogs by Pickle-Lily

For this post I had a look for all my hedgehog fabrics for a photo, and after I'd taken the photo and put it all away, found even more!
I do love hedgehog fabric!

Lewis & Irene
I try to make my garden hedgehog friendly by leaving out water and making sure there is a nice gap in the fence for them to amble into next door.
Water to drink
I have let my winter jasmine become a a homely area and judging by the trail in and out something is using it. I have also found droppings and on one occasion tripped over one in the dark on the garden path - I don't know who was more surprised!
A gap to fit under

With the good weather forecast this week-end I am working hard at persuading Mr Pickle-Lily to mow the lawn, but will check all the long grass and my rather extensive nettle patch before the strimmer is used.
Is this is a hedgehog home?

Please help to keep our hedgehogs happy!