Monday, 28 March 2016

dpn cosy

Many of my makes at the moment seem to be centred around the actual process of crafting  - project bags, notebooks and needle books for example.
dpn cosy

I've also been drawn into the world of sock knitting. I belong to this amazing sock knitting group on Facebook, where knitters parade socks knitted in the most beautiful yarns and it just tempts you and ensnares you, and what do you know .. there's a sock on your needles. There are several ways to knit socks - if you want to start can I direct you to this lady's blog, Winwick Mum who explains it all very clearly.
Keeping them safe and snug!

I like to use dpns or double point needles to knit mine and I needed to keep my stitches safe on the needles. My knitting goes everywhere with me and I usually have a couple (well quite a few actually) projects on the go, and I like to knit what my fingers feel like doing, so the knitting can get shifted in and out and about sometimes. So after a little research I found this tutorial for a dpn needle keeper by The Nome Knitter, and ta-dah I made my own to keep everything safe and cosy.
Being me I got carried away, so my extra ones are in my Folksy shop if you're interested!
dpn cosy
You may have noticed it's the same pair of socks on the needles for some time, and my challenge for the Easter holidays is to finish them!


Linda said...

Lovely fabrics and patterns!