Monday, 3 August 2015

Mermaids Ahoy!

Mermaids ahoy!

As a change from knitting owls and bunnies I was recently asked to knit some mermaids. These lovely ladies are made from Rowan pure wool and I make the tail colours from blending two different shades. Although I am looking forward to my wool delivery, as Rowan are now doing some heather shades and one of those looks like a lovely mermaidy colour!
I can't do a thing with my hair!

Pickle-Lily and I also belong to The Lucky Dip Club - a present through the post once a month - and this months delivery was all about mermaids, so my two merladies are modelling all our goodies! Although they may be discussing who gets what!!
Which do you like the best?
 This month we got a funky shell necklace, a Mindful Mermaid note book and a shell charm for the charm bracelet. There was a very cute jellyfish crochet kit and a cheeky sea horse brooch (don't you think he looks cheeky!!!) which I'm allowed to have, her royal Pness is keeping the rest!!