Sunday, 21 June 2015

Teacher thank-you gift

... or I should also add Teaching Assistant gift!
Tissue holder

I haven't done a tutorial recently, so I have decide to do one! It's a simple tissue pack holder and can be adapted for any occasion, not just as end of year present for teachers. Thinking about it, they could also make useful wedding favours!!You buy little tissue packs, which are very neat until you open them to use one, the rest get tatty in your bag so you throw them away. But now you can keep them tidy!
Cut two pieces of fabric 19cm x 16cm, one to be your lining and the other to be the outer.

Iron a 1cm hem along the long side on both pieces.

Decorate the outer with ribbon as I have, or ricrac or even use some of those fancy machine embroidery stitches you never use. Remember the pressed hem is the bottom of the holder.
Make sure your decoration is right way up!

Put right side to right side, pressed hems at the bottom and sew along the sides and top edge.
Sew along sides and top - leave pressed hem open
Turn right side out, push out the corners and press.
Open pressed hem is the bottom

With right side in, seam the two sides together. I leave a little at the top to allow give, as tissue packs are different sizes, before I start the seam. Remember the pressed hem is the bottom of the holder.
Move the side seam along until it becomes a back seam and press the seam open (see photo).

The side becomes the back seam

Seam across the bottom seam now.
Seam across the bottom

Turn right side out!
Finished tissue holder - it will fit all the way inside!

I have even made a little card to go with it - as teachers get through lots of tissues! I will put some of these in my Folksy shop if you would like to buy one rather than make your own. It'll come with a card but no tissues, less postage like that.