Monday, 16 February 2015

Mini Make - Candy Cane Mouse

Candy Cane Mice
This month I have been asked to do a Mini Make activity with the WI ladies on the theme of Cheese and Wine. When I was asked, I thought of cheese and mice, but since watching Winterwatch I discovered mice don't actually choose cheese! But I stuck with the mice idea anyway!
This is really more of a Christmas tutorial, but you can be prepared, or give one as an Easter gift to someone who doesn't like chocolate (is that even posssible?!!!)
To make a mouse you need a small amount of felt, a candy cane, some fabric glue and some eyes. For my eyes I used black brads from here, but you can use buttons or just felt pen them on.I have checked, and candy canes are available on ebay if you don't have any left from Christmas.

Cut out a body, an ear piece, two inner ears (if wanted) and a nose.
Fold the mouse and pattern in half together and use as a guide to cut the two sets of slits.
Roll the ear piece up
Carefully slide the ear through the two slits at the head end, stopping in the middle.
Glue or sew ear patches on if you want - don't forget a nose!
Add two eyes you can use buttons, brads or even draw them on
Slide the candy cane through the slits in the tail and the loop created by the ears.

A wobbly template with sizes!