Sunday, 4 May 2014

Can foxes climb trees?

As you can see from my photo, the answer is yes!
Mia the fox
Mia the fox, jumped into the tree, rather than climb using her claws!
I spent a lovely day at Secret World Wildlife Rescue recently with Pickle-Lily watching this lovely fox snoozing in the sun. We also met some very cute badger and fox cubs and found out about the incredible work this charity does.
Badgers by Pickle-Lily

Hedgehogs by Pickle-Lily

foxes by Pickle-Lily
During the day we sold some of our animal themed goodies, which P arranged according to the animal.
badger cub
Secret World have more open week-ends across the year, the dates are on their website, and even better it's free admission. P and I are definitely going back if only to say 'Hello' to Mia!
fox cub


Suzanne Bramble said...

Just found you via Ali, now following you and will be back to look through your archives very soon. Your work is fabulous! xx