Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Bye bye birdie

For the last few weeks of term the school has been having a 'Blackbird Watch'. A pair of blackbirds built a nest outside the library window and the children and staff having been watching them hatch their eggs. It has been brilliant watching them (both adults and children) stand so still, be very quiet and just look.
Blackbird Watch in action!
We have been amazed by how hard the parents work feeding their four chicks, how bright the yellow eye is on the Mr Blackbird, how quickly they grew in two weeks and just how do they fit in the nest!
The last day was spent waiting for the biggest two to fledge, they spent most of the day it seemed perched on the nest edge but never being quite brave enough. I have no doubt that when we return to school after the Easter holidays, the nest will be empty, but you never know the parents may return and lay a second clutch.
2 weeks old now!
In honour of their hard work - and I thought I worked hard - I have redesigned my little birds with bright yellow eyes for the blackbirds and beautiful tail feathers.
blackbird needle book
Now to research the questions the children have asked and I didn't know the answers for..
Why are blackbird's eggs blue?
How do they make their eggs blue?
Do you know the answers?