Saturday, 9 November 2013

This took a bit longer ...

... than I anticipated!
Sorry about the delay between posts, but half term week was very busy and since then school has been even busier and I haven't stopped! I've even tried getting up at 4.30am to add some extra hours to my day!!!! The pictures for the tutorial had to be done in the evening, hence the warm yellow glow.
So - the Heat Me Up Hand Warmer tutorial first, as promised. The name for these came from Pickle-Lily, if you are wondering.
Hand warmer tutorial
You need two squares of brushed cotton 25cm x 25cm, 150g of rice and two lengths of ribbon about 10cm long each if you want tags.
1. Cut the squares in half to create four rectangles.
2. Place one on top of the other to create a double thickness. I used a plain one that wouldn't be seen and a pretty one for the outside.
3. Fold in half to create a four thickness square, pretty side to pretty side, and pin along two open sides.
fold and pin
4. If using ribbon to create a tag, fold in half and pin between the two right sides with the cut edges lined up with the cut edge of the fabric, to create a loop pointing towards the middle of the square.
5. Sew along the two open sides, trapping the ribbon. Leave the third side open. Sew where the pins are in the photo below.
6. Turn right side out and fill with 75g of rice.
7. Tuck the open edges inside, to create a neat side edge and pin.
8. Now sew all the way round all four sides. Smooth and tip the rice away from the side, before you sew it, turn at the corner, and then smooth the rice away from that side and so on, until all four sides are sewn.
9. Now make a second one or make the two together at the same time.

Heating instructions - pop both into a microwave up to 800W one hand warmer for 30 seconds or both for 45 seconds.

A simple present ready for Christmas, or for now! The lovely brushed cotton came from Cloth Head.
I also need to announce a winner for the kit giveaway and the winner is ...

I am writing this tutorial quite late, so if any of it does not make sense - please let me know!


Ali said...

Thank you for the tutorial xx

Ali said...

Great tutorial. I could do with some foot warmers as well :)
Ali x